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Who says Bollywood stars are an insulated lot? Not their fans at least. Ever since the baap of all actors, Amitabh Bachchan publicly announced that he has started blogging on, his blog is inundated with messages from thousands of fans. Bloggers have found the perfect medium to bridge the gap and stay tuned into updates on their favourite icons’ lives. Fans believe this is an intimate form of communication, almost like an entry into the star’s inner world.

No wonder star blogs have become hopelessly addictive. This caused the entry of the word ‘blogbuster‘ into bollywood rhyming with the word ‘blockbuster‘. Be it or (Karan Johar) or (Salman Khan), or (Ram, Gopal Varma)…Bollywood personalities are hooked to this medium as they find it a personal canvas to vent their emotions and express opinions.

***Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently on his Unforgettable tour in the US, has been blogging at all odd hours every single day. Sometimes his entries are short and crisp and he’s instantly apologetic about lack of time. There are other days where he finds it hard to conceal his elation at the response to the tour. His childlike glee is evident in an excerpt from his blog:

Day 95


What an audience! What a show! What response! Simply incredible!

It has been the best ever for me. And all the credit goes to the utterly fantastic fans and audience at the LA Sports Arena, that packed the venue right up to the rafters and just egged and shouted and screamed us into a performance that all of us will remember for a lifetime.

I popped every antibiotic available, every energiser around, prayed as hard as I could and gave it all I had. I don’t know how it all happened, but it happened. I stand up in salutation to the people at the venue, to the people of Los Angeles, to all the fans and well-wishers. You did it! And I humbly bow down to you with the deepest respect and love. Thank you!!

We need your prayers and wishes

***Aamir the ‘ace’ Khan is one of the first blogbusters. Continuing his habit of working and making films that propel the viewer to sit through the movie watching with awe the blunt newness he exudes, the ace khan has really done a flurry of interesting and funny posts until now. Here’s an excerpt:

Confession Time

I’ve begun smoking again.

I know you guys are going to kick the shit out of me, my family is already doing that.

In fact that’s one of the reasons I haven’t posted for so long, I mean because of my smoking. I didn’t know how to face all of you. I’d want to write about something interesting, but I’d broken my promise to y’all so I’d not know how to get around that, and then I’d just shut my comp.

So I thought let me start by coming clean, and expose my human frailties.

I don’t smoke in front of kids, and I don’t smoke in the presence of people who get disturbed with it. Small mercies, I know. But what to do? I get really stressed when any of my films is about to release. I know the music is doing really well and most of you will tell me there is nothing to worry about but it doesn’t work like that. Bear with me folks, I’ll give up once Jaane Tu releases.

” My big exception towards Black is the fact that a child with severe difficulties is shown being illtreated instead of being treated with love, care and understanding. I simply cannot come to terms with that no matter what the writer and director say in defence. I thought I was watching a rip off of Taming Of The Shrew!!! I take great exception to this kind of behaviour towards children being glorified and propagated through a popular mass medium as the way to deal with children with or without difficulties. I, without any hesitation, strongly condemn this kind of cinema no matter who is involved with the film, and that includes me if I ever have in the past, present or future made such an error of judgement. My creative differences with Mr Bansali are unimportant. I believe he has the potential to make a good film and I look forward to seeing his latest film SAWARIA. “

***The web page of director Karan Johar’s blog offer a visual treat for fans who get to see Hrithik and AB in conversation, Jaya and AB sharing an intimate moment, SRK and his daughter Suhana in a tight clinch. Here’s an excerpt:

Reel Reminiscing

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
12:47:04 PM

The other day at home sifting through piles of memories, I came across some pictures that instantly transported me to a time in my life that meant so many things to me, and the people surrounding me. The making of my second film, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham was a larger than life experience. The scale and opulence of the film has been talked about for years, but in truth, the film had a cast that we may never see together on screen again. The characters had lives that were unabashed and indulgent, and my actors played that with confidence. Most importantly, it was the film of mine that my father loved the most.

***Bollywood super brat Salman Khan seems to have a one-point agenda. His blog has largely been used to clear conceptions about himself. And going by the controversies the star seems to be involved in, it is a full-time job.

While enough has been written and televised about the famous feud between Sallu and SRK on Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash at Olive in Mumbai, our stud of a star wanted to have the last word. And what better way to express his anger than the blog. Here’s a recent update:

Day 37 – 10 Ka Dum

Friday, July 25, 2008

For the next few days you will hear and read a lot of shit about me, a lot of it. Keep on reading it…but don’t react to it. I don’t. Like sometimes when you are travelling in a fast car and you find a dog chasing your car…barking away. You dont stop the car and start reacting to the dog…u dont…there’s no point. I don’t wish to react. I don’t have the time for it. Besides, I don’t understand the language of dogs, except for my two — Myson and Myjaan.

Unfortunately, in our industry the developing trend is not to celebrate others’ success… every time another person is successful there will be someone trying to pull him down. You don’t increase your own efforts to become successful but try to always decrease someone elses success… that’s the mantra of the industry.

I chose to remain silent. I do not have the time to spend reacting. But even silence speaks. Silence makes more noise than thunder. …Bandar sher ko chidhata hai…. Sirf aawaaz kar sakta hai… Kabhi sher ko maar sakta hai? He can’t do anything. But when the lion roars, a whole pack of monkeys fall from trees!

So keep on reading…read all the negatives…read till they get tired of writing. Everyone goes through this…but not for long. I say just look good, feel good and do good, that’s it. I love you all.

***Ram Gopal Varma claims that he is not net-savvy but believes that blogging is the medium of the future. “This is the perfect way for celebrities to represent facts correctly. I believe that anyone who is interested in personal and first-hand information gets it straight from the horse’s mouth,” he says. Here’s an excerpt from the director’s blog:

Ram Gopal Varma

Reactions to reactions:

Instead of reviewing reviews of Contract I decided to do that on my series of reactions henceforth. If the idea is to react to the reactions of various people on my thoughts and works, then why should I give special attention to the Khalids and the Deepas of the world? I find more juicier, bitchier and insightful comments coming from others. Come on guys. Let’s have fun!

But what about the allegation that stars use blogs to hit out at critics? “At the end of the day, a blog reflects the actor’s personality. Something in my blog that some perceive as rude could appear funny to others. It is a matter of perspective. At any rate I’m not as articulate as Mr Bachchan and what I express are my random thoughts,” he says.

Actor Akshay Kumar is all set to start his blog but has admitted in a televised interview that he will not use the medium to take pot-shots at his colleagues.

While all star blogs are accessible, one has to create a special user name and password in order to gain entry to Aamir Khan’s blog. This is a new development. Wonder why Khan feels the need to make his netizens compulsorily create an ID. Perhaps the info on his blog is exclusive and the finicky Khan wants to ensure that only die-hard fans log onto his blog. Will the rest of the Bollywood fraternity follow this trend? Let’s wait and watch.

: Deccan Chronicle


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