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Snooker/Pool/Billiards—which way????

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This post is for those people who always wondered as what pool,snooker,billiards share in common or rather differ!!!

Billiards (or more correctly – English Billiards), and Snooker are both played on the

same table, measuring approximately 12 feet by 6.

English Billiards is played with only three balls, two cue-balls, and one red object-ball.
Each player is allocated one of the cue-balls to use throughout the game.

Points are scored by either potting or going in-off the red, scoring three points, potting
or going in-off the other player’s cue-ball, scoring two points, or by a cannon, where
the player’s cue-ball strikes the other two, scoring two points. The game is either played over a set period of time, and is won by the player scoring
the most points; or is won by the first player to reach a predetermined number, say,
100, 200, or 10,000.

Snooker is played with fifteen reds, six colours and one cue-ball. The players score by
potting the balls. When a red is potted it is not replaced, and the player may then pot
a colour, which is replaced. The player then continues potting reds and colours
alternately until he misses or plays a safety stroke.

When all fifteen reds have been potted the six colours must be potted in sequence,
yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black.
The player who scores most points wins that frame, but most matches are played as
a best of ‘so many frames’. Ranging perhaps from the best of three for early rounds in
amateur play, to the best of 35 in the final of the World Professional Championships.

Pool is a little more complicated to describe, there being so many variations. They are
all played on a small table, the largest perhaps being 10 feet by 5, more usually 9 by
4½ or 8 by 4. Even smaller tables are found in pubs and clubs here in the U.K.

The most popular variations at this time are 9-ball & 8-ball, both are potting games with
each having its own set of rules.

There is also another form known as Carom – or Carombolage, played on tables without
pockets. This game is hardly known in the U.K. but is popular in America and Europe.
Three balls are used as in English Billiards and 3-Cushion is the variation most widely
played. It is a game in which cannons are the only method of scoring, and for a cannon
to count 3 cushions and the first object-ball must be struck before the last object-ball.
This may be:- ball, cushion, cushion, cushion, ball – or cushion, ball, cushion, cushion
ball – or cushion, cushion, ball, cushion ball. The winner being the first to reach a set
number of points, or who scores most points during a set period of play.

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