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My exclusive Banned commercial playlist!!!

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~Top 10 Funny Football Quotes~

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Let’s face it. Most football players aren’t highly regarded for their intelligence (not to say there aren’t some smart guys playing the game). And as a result, the large amount of time they spend in front of a microphone answering questions can lead to some very amusing moments.

In honor of these blunderers, About Football has put together a collection of the more comical quips to escape the lips of college and pro football players, as well as coaches and announcers alike over the years.

1. Joe Theismann, ESPN Announcer and Former NFL Quarterback

“Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”

(Norman? Is he related to Albert? I guess we know who isn’t a genius.)

2. Torrin Polk, University of Houston Wide Receiver

When asked about his coach John Jenkins, he said…

“He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings.”

And next he’s going to let them paint their fingernails.

3. Former New Orleans Saints RB George Rogers

“I want to rush for 1,000 or 1,500 yards, whichever comes first”

Now I haven’t been in a math class in 20-some odd years, but I do believe 1,000 still comes before 1,500.

4. Houston Oilers Head Coach Bill Peterson

“You guys line up alphabetically by height.”

Bill also gets extra credit for these inspirational words:

“Men, I want you just thinking of one word all season. One word and one word only: Super Bowl.”

5. Dick Butkus, Former Chicago Bears Linebacker

“I wouldn’t ever set out to hurt anyone deliberately unless it was important — like a league game.”

Hey, at least he holds back in practice!

6. William Perry, Former Chicago Bears Defensive Tackle
“I’ve been big ever since I was little.”

Hmmm… okay.

7. Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver

“I feel like I’m the best, but you’re not going to get me to say that.”

Damn… you got us Jerry!

8. Lee Corso, College Football Analyst

“Hawaii doesn’t win many games in the United States.”

Here’s a hint for you Lee… Hawaii is in the United States.

9. Bob Hoying, Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback

After winning a Big Ten title for Ohio State…

“I’m really happy for Coach Cooper and the guys who’ve been around here for six or seven years, especially our seniors.”

And the fourth grade was the best three years of his life!

10. Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, Former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker

Commenting on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw’s intelligence…

“He couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the C and the T.”

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~Firefox 3-Overview-crossed 500 million downloads~

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Since it was originally introduced, the Firefox web browser has proven itself as a worthy and capable web browsing application, and a solid rival to Microsoft’s dominant Internet Explorer. Firefox has built a loyal and growing fanbase.

Initially, many made the switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox based on hype regarding its superior security. Over time, Firefox has had its share of flaws and vulnerabilities, showing itself to be formidable, but not impenetrable.

The focus of this profile though is not on whether or not the Firefox web browser itself is secure, but rather what features and functionality it offers to you, the user, to protect your computer and your personal information while you surf the web. Firefox 3 incorporates a number of updates aimed at security, including anti-malware functionality, forged web page protection improvements, and integration with the Parental Controls in Windows Vista.

Site Security Details

By clicking on the icon to the left of the URL in the address bar (the “Site Favicon” in Firefox terms), you can reveal detailed information about the page you are viewing or the current site you are visiting.

The details that are displayed include whether or not the connection is encrypted, information about who owns the web site, and whether or not you have ever visited the site previously or have any cookies or saved passwords associated with the site.

Site Permissions Details

Clicking on the Permissions tab at the top of the site details will display the page you see here. This console lets you customize and control what the site, or page, is allowed to do.

Using the options here, you can control whether or not images can be loaded, whether or not pop-up windows are displayed, whether or not cookies can be stored, and whether or not extensions or themes from the site can be loaded.

Security Options

If you click on Tools, then Options, you will open up the Options console for Firefox 3 where you can customize and configure the various options. Click on the Security tab at the top, and you will see the window we have displayed here.

Some of the security options in Firefox 3 include blocking sites from installing Add-Ons, and storing passwords. You can also assign a Master Password that you must enter in order to “unlock” the rest of your passwords for some added security.

While phishing attacks have been around for some time, attackers continue to innovate and devise new attacks. Recently, one of the emerging methods of spreading malware is by exploiting weak or flawed web servers to plant malware on otherwise benign sites- some very well known. Firefox 3 keeps tabs on the sites that have been identified as compromised, and provides warnings to let you know that you may be visiting a suspected attack site.

Firefox 3 will also let you know if the site you are visiting appears to be a forgery of a legitimate site. This feature is strengthened because rather than just warning you, the contents of suspected forgery sites are not displayed. This makes it substantially more obvious to the user that there may be an issue.

Summary of Firefox 3 security

I have highlighted a few of the key security features in Firefox 3, but not all of them. In addition to the features and functions I have already covered, Firefox 3 also provides:

  • New SSL error pages: clearer and stricter error pages are used when Firefox encounters an invalid SSL certificate.
  • Add-ons and Plugin version check: Firefox now automatically checks add-on and plugin versions and will disable older, insecure versions.
  • Secure add-on updates: to improve add-on update security, add-ons that provide updates in an insecure manner will be disabled.
  • Anti-virus integration: Firefox will inform anti-virus software when downloading executables.

Firefox 3, like its predecessors, is a solid competitor for Internet Explorer, and provides a wonderful option for those seeking an alternative web browser. Just remember, you still have to pay attention to vulnerability alerts and exploits, and keep your Firefox installation up to date to stay protected against new and emerging threats.

Click here Download a firefox version that speaks ur language

Firefox 3 Beta 4 is available in 40 Languages.

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~Top 10 Certifications to begin ur IT career~

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Are you just starting out in IT, or looking for a way to begin an IT career? The following certifications will help you verify and learn the skills needed to find a job in IT. Once you have one of these, you can begin to gain the experience and higher certifications that will land you a great IT career.

1.CompTia A+

At the top of the list, the A+ certification is one of the most popular ways for people to break into the computer biz. The A+ certifies you as a computer technician and covers topics such as hardware, OS, and networking. 6 months of technician experience is recommended and two exams are required. Both exams lend themselves nicely to self study. So get a good book and sign up to get your A+ certification.
More: CompTia A+

2.Microsoft Certified Professional

To get any Microsoft certification, this will be the first stepping stone. You will be an MCP once you take your first exam and until you complete the exams needed for any other Microsoft certification (MCSD, MCSE, etc.).

More: MCP

3,Microsoft Certified Desktop Service Technician

If you like to troubleshoot, then this certification is for you. You’ll take two exams and then be able to support end user desktop systems.


4.CompTia Security+

Two years of networking experience is recommended for this certification so the true IT newbie might be in over their head with this one. However, security is a big issue and if you have the familiarity to take the one exam required, the Security+ cert works as a prerequisite for the MCSA and CNE.

More: Security+

5.CIW Associate

If you are into internet technologies and would like to define your skills, then go for the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) certification. The Associate level requires only one exam called the Foundation exam, which covers html, dhtml, networking, graphics, and internet history. From there you can advance to the Professional and Master CIW levels.

More: CIW

6.Sun Certified Java Programmer

This is the first step to higher Java certifications and will prove your skills as a Java programmer on the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition. You must understand the fundamentals of the language so get a good book and maybe a training class before taking the exam.

More: SCJP


Both of these certifications will require some dedicated training if you are new to IT. These will be tough for those considering a career change, but well worth the effort. Cisco certifications are popular and respected. Once you have the experience to back up the cert, you will be able to move on to the advanced Cisco certifications.

More: Cisco

8.Microsoft Office Specialist

If you have experience with Microsoft Office products, you can achieve a Microsoft Office Specialist certification on any one product such as Word, or Excel by taking a single exam. A Master designation requires several exams and comprehensive knowledge of multiple products.

More Info


One exam and knowledge of basic SQL and MySQL software will get you this certification. An additional exam and more advanced SQL skills will get you a Professional level certification.

More Info

10.Graphics & Internet Certifications

Finally, there are several good certifications for graphic designers and web developers. Most of these are vendor-specific and typically require one exam. Check with the product vendor you work with (or want to work with) and see if they have a certification program. Also check with associations such as WebYoda and WOW.

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Santa-Banta SMS collection!!!

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Petrol ke rate badhne par Santa bola: “Menu koi farak nahin penda. Pehle bhi 100 ka bharwata tha ab bhi 100 ka bharwata hoon.”
Santa: Yaar mein apni girlfriend nu gift dena hai, ki devan?
Banta: Gold ring de de.
Santa: Koi vadi cheez das yaar.
Banta: Tan fer MRF da tyre de de.
Banta ek sadhu se bola: Baba, meri biwi bahut pareshan karti hai, koi upay batao.
Sadhu: Beta, upaay hota to main sadhu kyun banta?
Nurse: Congrats Santa ji, aap papa ban gaye.
Santa: Meri wife ko nahi bolna mein use surprise dunga!
What’s Ford?
Santa: Gaadi.
What’s Oxford?
Santa: So simple, Bail Gaadi.
Q: A Man asked Santa, “Akal badhi ya bhains? “
A: Santa bola, “Pehle date of birth to batao.”
Santa: “Kitna padhey likhe(qualified) ho?”
Banta: “B.A.”
Santa: “Saala, 2 akshar padha, woh bhi ulta?”
Santa: Bhaisahab time kya hua?
Man: Sham ke 6 baje hain!
Santa: Sala, subah se pooch raha hoon, sab alag alag time bata rahe hain.
Santa ke bagiche mein bahut sare ped – paudhe thay, Santa naukar ko bola ped-paudhon ko pani dal.
Naukar: Sahab baarish ho rahi hai.
Santa: Abe to Chatri leke dal.
Banta: Truck dekhkar tum kaampte kyon ho?
Santa: Ek truck driver meri biwi lekar bhaag gaya tha, har baar lagta hai jaise usko vapas karne aaya hai.
Santa: Do you know English?
Banta: Yes
Santa: Ok! Then tell what is the opposite of NAAG PANCHAMI?
Banta: So simple Yaar… NAAG DO NOT PUNCH ME
Lady doctor: tum roz subah clinic ke bahar khade ho kar aurto ko kyon ghurte ho?
Santa: ji aap hi ne bahar likha hai “aurton ko dekhne ka samay subah 10 se 12”
Santa ki shaadi ek nurse se ho gayi.
Banta: Aur santa, kaisi nibh rahi hai?
Santa: Pooch mat yaar, jab tak sister na kaho, bolti hi nahi.
Girl: Will u marry me?
Santa: No, humare yahan shaadi sirf relatives mein hi hoti hai. Mummy ne Papa se, Didi ne Jijaji se aur Bhaiya ne Bhabhi se
Santa joined NASA. After one month the Americans had to change the name from NASA to SATYANASA
Santa walks into a library & says, “Can I have a burger and coke?” Librarian, “I’m sorry, this is a library.” Santa whispers, “Can I have a burger & fries?”
Santa: My dad was an extremely brave man. He once entered a lion’s cage.
Banta: He probably got a lot of applause ven he got out.
Santa: I didn’t say he got out.
Santa (reading from book of facts): “Do you know that every time I breathe a man dies?” Banta: “Why don’t you use a mouth wash?”
How do you recognize Santa’s son, Pappu, in School?
A: He is the one who erases the books when the teacher erases the board.
Santa standing on platform suddenly jumps on the railway track.
Banta: Santa u’ll die.
Santa: U’ll die bcoz haven’t u heard train is coming on platform.
Banta: Name the 3 fastest means of communication.
Santa: Telephone, Television, Tell-a-woman.
Santa: I’m a proud father. My son is in medical college.
Banta: What’s he studying?”
Santa: He’s not studying, they are studying him!
Santa: I kiss my wife everyday before leaving for office, what about u?
Banta: Me too, after u leave.
Santa was caught for speeding and went before the judge.
The judge: What’ll you take 30 days or Rs 3000.
Santa: I think I’ll take the money.
Why did Santa take his pregnant wife Jeeto to Pizza Hut?
A: Because they advertised: ‘Free Delivery’
Santa opened a petrol pump, but not even one customer went there. You know why?
Because he opened petrol pump on second floor.
Why did santa keep the door open while bathing?
Because he was afraid that someone might watch him from the key hole
History teacher asked Santa: Name kalidas’s brother who was a shoemaker.
Santa: Adidas
Titanic was sinking.
An englishman asked Santa, “How far is land”?
Santa: 2 KMs.
Englishman jumped into sea.
Englishman: Now, which direction?
Santa: Downwards!
How did santa tried to kill a bird??
He took it to the top of a building and dropped it from there to die.
Santa was drawing money from ATM. Banta, who was just behind him in the line said: I’ve seen ur password. It’s ****. Santa: U r wrong. It’s 1394
Santa falls in love with a nurse… After thinking deeply, he finally writes a love letter to her: “I luv u sister.”
Teacher: What should be in a book to make it a bestseller?
Pappu: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl.

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Caterpillar 797~~1 Of The largest Trucks ever built!!!

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The Caterpillar 797 is the largest truck ever. But unless you work in a mine, you’re probably never going to see one. That’s a shame, because this is the real thing: a vehicle that’s authentically awesome. Not awesome in a jokey monster truck sort of way, and not a goof like a pickup built on a Kenworth chassis, but a big, serious machine built for an epic, real-world task. Mining may well be the opposite of show business, but this truck has star power to spare.

As we approach the two prototype 797s in the yard of Caterpillar’s Arizona training facility, their scale seems otherworldly. They stand 23 feet 9 inches tall when the dump bodies are down, and 49 feet 3 inches when they’re tilted up, which means they dwarf the 240-ton 793C that used to be Cat’s biggest truck. Nose the front end of one up to an NBA backboard, and the rear will stick out eight inches past half-court (that’s 47 feet 8 inches). At 30 feet wide, park the left side even with that basket and the right side will be eight feet past the three-point line. But most gym floors aren’t reinforced to withstand their 560,000-pound weight when empty, much less the 1,280,000-pound total when burdened with 360 tons of rocks and dirt. And with 12,170 pound-feet of torque available from the 117-liter, V-24, quad-turbo diesel, either 797 could rip Madison Square Garden off its foundation and tow it across Manhattan and into the East River.

The 797 is this big because the machines built to tear open the Earth have grown ever larger. When the world’s biggest shovels were grabbing the planet in 60-ton scoops, the trucks built to haul stuff away were rated at four shovelsful. Now shovels are in the 90-to-100-ton range, and efficient mine owners need trucks that swallow 360 to 400 tons. So the 797 carries a nominal load rating of 360 tons, but it’s capable of accepting 400 tons. And 400 tons is roughly the weight of 120 Ford Excursions. When shovels grow again, so will the trucks.

Beyond the 797’s cost of $3.4 million, mine operators need to make serious infrastructure changes to accommodate it. The mining roads they operate on, for instance, must be three times the width of the widest truck running on them, and the service shops often need enlarging and reequipping. After all, mines aren’t usually anywhere near civilization, so when Cat delivers a new 797, it arrives in pieces aboard 12 semis, which is to say, “some assembly required.” Throw in driver retraining and a fuel depot that can fill the 797’s 850- or optional 1800-gallon tank, and the commitment is obvious.

The 797’s basic structure is nine massive castings that make up its welded chassis. Bolted to that are a four-link, live-axle rear suspension on suitably enormous hydraulic pistons and a front suspension that is essentially two hydraulic Parthenon-pillar-sized cylinders. The real load carrying, however, lies with the six Michelin radial tires. Specifically engineered for the 797, their 55/80R-63 size (that’s 55 as in 55-inch section width and 63 as in the diameter of the wheel is 63 inches) is actually low profile for such a heavy-duty application, and although each tire stands 12 feet 10 inches tall and weighs more than 10,000 pounds, they have the same shape and broad shoulders of the tires on, say, a Chevy Tahoe or Suburban.

Although many competitors use hybrid diesel-electric drivetrains (as the Dresser Haulpak 830E we tested in July 1992 did), Cat mining trucks are direct driven, using Cat-built drivetrains. The 797’s powerplant is essentially two V-12s lashed together with integrated intake, exhaust, and turbocharger systems. Each of the 24 4.9-liter cylinders breathes via four valves and is pressurized by four Garrett 60-series turbos. From there, the resulting 3400 horsepower travels back through an immense torque converter to a seven-speed automatic transmission and then on to the 1.27:1 gears in the rear end’s differential. The final-drive ratio is further reduced by 16.70:1 reduction gears in the hubs. Flat out, the 797 will do 40 mph.

And when you’re packing 1.3 million pounds, 40 mph is flying. So behind each wheel is a pack of 42-inch brake discs — 10 each in front, 15 per corner in the back. Dissipating that energy is a computer controlled brake-cooling system that pumps oil — up to 1160 gallons of it per minute — through multiple coolers and then through the discs. These brakes could stop continental drift.

The most intimidating thing about driving the 797 is climbing the thin ladder that crosses in front of its radiator and leads up to the cab. To withstand a rollover, the two-person cab’s structure is made of huge box-section steel, but the layout inside is conventional. The driver faces a modestly sized tilting-and-telescoping wheel, the brake and accelerator pedals operate normally, the shifter looks as though it’s out of the B&M drag-racing catalog, and there are nice things such as power windows, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, and air conditioning. It’s the view out that’s different. Sitting 20 feet off the ground, there’s no view of anything immediately in front of the truck, and although there’s good visibility to the left, when looking to the right, all the driver sees is 30 feet of engine covers, air filters, fire-suppression equipment, and a little sliver of the horizon in the distance.

With the sound of every NASCAR impact wrench firing simultaneously, an air starter whips the engine to life. Even at idle the engine noise outside is intimidating, but it’s relatively quiet inside. Once in gear, the 797 accelerates modestly with shifts coming just as the engine reaches its power peak at 1750 rpm. The steering, though remotely controlled by hydraulic pressure, has some feel and precision to it. Does it understeer? Oversteer? Who knows? The hard part is remembering that you’re sitting over the left front tire and the truck ends somewhere way out back, a day’s ride away on horseback.

Even overloaded with 404 tons, according to the onboard monitor, the ride is comfortable and the maneuverability is astounding. Once you’re comfortable with the 797’s dimensions, it’s probably as easy to drive as any pickup. But the consequences for screwing up are simply overwhelming. It’s one thing to fender-bounce a Silverado in a Wal-Mart parking lot, quite another when you’re driving the Wal-Mart. A mining truck can run clean over a full-size pickup, and at least one of the drivers involved may never know what happened.

Further Info:

Find out more about engine,transmission,torque,wheel base etc –> click here
Official site:
Wikipedia link:–> click
Caterpillar facts
Vince’s big trucks
Encyclopedia link
Howstuffworks — All about Cats–> click here

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Dream Destination~~Palm Island-Dubai

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The Palm Islands are artificial islands in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on which major commercial and residential infrastructure will be constructed. The islands are the largest land reclamation projects in the world and will result in the world’s largest artificial islands. They are being constructed by Nakheel Properties, a property developer in the United Arab Emirates, who hired the Dutch dredging and marine contractor Van Oord, one of the world’s specialists in land reclamation. The islands are The Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira.

The islands were commissioned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in order to increase Dubai’s tourism. Each settlement will be in the shape of a palm tree, topped with a crescent, and will have a large number of residential, leisure and entertainment centers. The Palm Islands are located off the coast of The United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf and will add 520 km of beaches to the city of Dubai.

The first two islands will comprise approximately 100 million cubic meters of rock and sand. Palm Deira will be composed of approximately 1 billion cubic meters of rock and sand. All materials will be quarried in the UAE. Between the three islands there will be over 100 luxury hotels, exclusive residential beach side villas and apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities and health spas.

The creation of The Palm Jumeirah began in June 2001. Shortly after, The Palm Jebel Ali was announced and reclamation work began. The Palm Deira, which is planned to have a surface area of 46.35 million square metres and which the developer, Nakheel, claims is a surface area larger than that of Paris, began development in 2003. Construction will be completed over the next 10-15 years.


The Palm Islands are artificial peninsulas constructed of sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf by the Belgian company Jan De Nul.and the Dutch company Van Oord. The sand is sprayed by the dredging ships, which are guided by DGPS, onto the required area in a process known as rainbowing because of the arcs in the air when the sand is sprayed. The outer edge of each Palm’s encircling crescent is a large rock breakwater. The breakwater of the Palm Jumeirah has over 7 million tons of rock. Each rock was placed individually by a crane, signed off by a diver and given a GPS coordinate. The Jan De Nul Group started the work on the Palm Jebel Ali in 2002 and finished by the end of 2006. The reclamation project of the Palm Jebel Ali includes the creation of a 4 km long peninsula, protected by a 200 m wide and 17 km long breakwater built around the island. 135,000,000 m³ of rock, sand and limestone were reclaimed (partly originating from the Jebel Ali Entrance Channel dredging works). There are approximately 5,000,000 m³ of rocks in the slope protection works.

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah consists of a trunk, a crown with 17 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms an 11 kilometer-long breakwater. The island itself is 5 kilometers by 5 kilometers. It will add 78 kilometers to the Dubai coastline. The first phase of development on the Palm Jumeirah will create 4,000 residences with a combination of villas and apartments over the next 3 to 4 years.

Residents began moving into their Palm Jumeirah properties at the end of 2006, five years after land reclamation began, according to project developer Nakheel Properties. This signaled the end of phase one of construction, which includes approximately 1,400 villas on 11 of the fronds of the island and roughly 2,500 shoreline apartments in 20 buildings on the east side of the trunk.

Nakheel Properties will mark the arrival of the first residents by bringing one of the world’s largest airships to Dubai. It has agreed to a deal with Airship Management Services Inc. for a 197 feet (60 m) long, 250,000-cubic-foot (7,100 m³) Skyship 600 dirigible.

According to Nakheel Properties officials, the process of adding 78 kilometers of beach is under way, while eight of the 32 hotels on The Palm Jumeirah have begun construction, including the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, which is planned for completion in late 2008 or early 2009. The first phase of Atlantis, The Palm, is scheduled to be completed by December 2008.

The “Golden Mile”, the strip of land located along the center of the trunk overlooking the canal, is set for completion in the first quarter of 2008. Construction has also begun on the Palm Monorail, which will take three years to complete and will serve as a transit system between the Gateway Station at the trunk of The Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Station on the crescent.

Palm Jebel Ali

The Palm Jebel Ali began construction in October 2002 and is expected to be completed in mid 2008. The Palm Jebel Ali is expected to accommodate 1.7 million people by 2020. Once it has been completed, it will be encircled by Dubai Waterfront. The project, which is 50 percent larger than the Palm Jumeriah, will include six marinas, a water theme park, ‘Sea Village’, homes built on stilts above the water, and boardwalks that circle the “fronds” of the “palm” and spell out an Arabic poem by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

As of early October 2007, construction of the island was on schedule. The breakwater was completed in December 2006, and infrastructure work began in April 2007. Major construction will not begin until most of the infrastructure work is complete.

One of the first buildings on The Palm Jebel Ali is already known. Nakheel invited several architects to design a building on a 300,000m² area. The winning design was a building by Royal Haskoning, who also worked on several other projects in Dubai. The building can be seen here.

In 2012, the first phase of four theme parks will open on the Crescent. These parks, which together will be called “World of Discovery,” will be developed and operated by the Busch Entertainment Corporation. The parks include SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove. The World of Discovery will be located at the top of the Crescent, which will form into the shape of an orca (reminiscent of Shamu)

Palm Deira

The Palm Deira was announced for development in October 2004.Upon completion, it will become the world’s largest man-made island, housing more than a million people.Although no timetable for completion has been announced, it is expected to be finished by 2015. This island is 8 times larger than the Palm Jumeirah, and 5 times larger that the Palm Jebel Ali. Originally, the design called for a 14km (8.7 mile) by 8.5km (5.3 mile) island with 41 fronds. Due to a substantial change in depth in the Persian Gulf the further out the island goes, the island was redesigned in May 2007. The project then became a 12.5km (7.76 mile) by 7.5km (4.66 mile) island with 18 larger fronds.As of early October 2007, 20% of the island’s reclamation was complete, with a total of 200 million cubic metres (7 billion cubic feet) of sand already used. Since the island is so large, it is being developed in several phases. The first one is the creation of Deira Island.This portion of the Palm will sit alongside the Deira shore between the entrance to Dubai Creek and Al Hamriya Port. Deira Island will act as “the gateway to The Palm Deira” and help to revitalize the aging area of Deira.

Slideshow of palm islands:

To download or watch a high quality image click on the image and open it in a new window from the link there.

Further info:

official site: The palm Trilogy
guide 2 emirates
Real estate: Palm sales
Dubai short stay–Resorts
how was the palm constructed–the dredging n makin of artifial islands~~The interesting engineering marvel–>howstuffworks
The Nakheel
Plam Dubai

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~Orkut Tips and Tricks~make Orkut beautiful

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This post is your guide to stay beautiful on orkut. You find only genuine tricks and scripts here. Browse through the menu below for your favourite tricks.

: We will not be responsible for any damage caused by using these tricks.

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Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., commonly referred to as Lamborghini, is an Italian manufacturer of high performance Sports Cars based in the small Italian village of Sant’Agata Bolognese, near Bologna. The company was founded in 1963 by businessman Ferruccio Lamborghini, who owned a successful tractor factory, Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A.. Lamborghini is now a subsidiary of German car manufacturer Audi AG, which is in turn a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.Lamborghini’s latest model, the Reventón, is one of the fastest and most expensive of the Italian supercars.


As told by Ferruccio Lamborghini’s son, Ferruccio Lamborghini went to meet Enzo Ferrari at the Ferrari factory to complain about the quality of the clutch in his Ferrari 250 GT.An infuriated Enzo Ferrari sent him away telling him to go drive his tractors because he was not able to drive cars. Lamborghini went back to his factory to have the Ferrari’s clutch dismantled and found that the clutch in the Ferrari was a product of the manufacturer who supplied the clutches used in Lamborghini tractors. Lamborghini installed a stronger clutch from his factory’s warehouse into his Ferrari and solved the clutch failure.
Furious with Enzo Ferrari’s arrogant and aloof manner, Ferruccio Lamborghini promised himself he would never own another Ferrari and would beat Ferrari at his own game by creating a superior sports car of his own.

Ferruccio decided that his car was to have a V12 engine. Giotto Bizzarrini, a former Ferrari engineer with experience with the development of the Ferrari V12, was contracted to design the engine. The engine featured aluminum construction, a short stroke, a seven main bearing crankshaft, forged aluminum pistons, two big bore valves per cylinder, and two overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, each camshaft having its own half-engine-speed sprocket with silent chain. The engine developed 350 horsepower (260 kW). The body was designed by Franco Scaglione.

Vehicle Year Engine Displacement Top Speed Image
cc cu in km/h mph
350GTV 1963 Lamborghini V12 3,464 211.4 280 170
350GT 1964–1968 Lamborghini V12 3,464 211.4 240 150
400GT 2+2 1966–1968 Lamborghini V12 3,929 239.8 250 160
Miura 1966–1974 Lamborghini V12 3,929 239.8 288 179
Espada 1968–1978 Lamborghini V12 3,929 239.8 245 152
Islero 1968–1970 Lamborghini V12 3,929 239.8 248 154
Jarama 1970–1978 Lamborghini V12 3,929 239.8 240 150
Urraco 1970–1979 Lamborghini V8 2,463
230 140
Countach 1974–1990 Lamborghini V12 3,929
295 183
Silhouette 1976–1977 Lamborghini V8 2,996 182.8 260 160
Jalpa 1982–1990 Lamborghini V8 3,485 212.7 240 150
LM002 1986–1992 Lamborghini V12 5,167 315.3 210 130
Diablo 1990–2001 Lamborghini V12 5,707
330 210
Murciélago 2001– Lamborghini V12 6,192
335 208
Gallardo 2003– Lamborghini V10 4,964 302.9 309 192
Reventón 2007– Lamborghini V12 6,496 396.4 354 220

Lamborghini’s outrageous supercar models have brought Lamborghini much fame. The Miura, the Countach, the Diablo, and the Murciélago continue to be some of the most desired super cars of all time. The current (2007) range consists of the Murciélago LP640, the Murciélago LP640 Roadster and the smaller, less expensive Gallardo, Gallardo Spyder and Gallardo Superleggera. All are extremely fast, mid-engined 2-seaters with Lamborghini’s standard all-wheel drive systems. Their styling is largely the work of Belgian designer Luc Donckerwolke. Future models may include a rear-wheel-drive version of the Gallardo and possibly an SUV in the spirit of the LM002. The next generation of Lamborghini models will be penned by Walter de’Silva, who designed the 2006 Miura concept car and who replaced Luc Donckerwolke as head of Centro Stile Lamborghini, Lamborghini’s in-house design department.

Racing Models

Ferruccio Lamborghini had set a rule that Lamborghini would not be involved in motor racing. He saw such a program as too expensive and too demanding in company resources.Consequently, no Lamborghini racing car was fabricated under his management. The closest the company came to building racing cars at that time was when the company’s test driver Bob Wallace made a few highly modified prototypes based on existing models. Notable among these are the Miura SV based Jota and the Jarama S based Bob Wallace Special.

Under the management of Rosetti, Lamborghini entered into an agreement with BMW to build a production racing car in sufficient quantity for homologation. However, Lamborghini found itself unable to fulfill their part of the agreement. The car was eventually developed in-house by the BMW Motorsport Division, and was manufactured and sold as the BMW M1

Lamborghini developed the QVX for the 1986 Group C championship season. One car was built, but lack of sponsorship caused it to miss the season. The QVX competed in only one race, the non-championship 1986 Southern Suns 500 km race at Kyalami in South Africa, driven by Tiff Needell. Despite the car finishing better than it started, sponsorship could not be found and the program was cancelled.

Lamborghini was an engine supplier in Formula One between the 1989 and 1993 Formula One seasons. It supplied engines to Larousse, Ligier, Lotus, Minardi and to a ‘Lamborghini’ team, although this last was not viewed as a works team by the car company. The 1992 Larousse/Lamborghini was largely uncompetitive but noteworthy in its tendency to spew oil from its exhaust system. Cars following closely behind the Larousse were commonly colored yellowish-brown by the end of the race.

sports car, but the car would only last a few races before the project was canceled. The same engine, badged as a towards the end of the 1993 season, with a view to its use during the Late in 1991, a Lamborghini Formula One motor would be used in the Konrad KM-011 Group CChrysler by Lamborghini’s then parent company, was tested by McLaren1994 season. Although driver Ayrton Senna was reportedly impressed with the engine’s performance, McLaren pulled out of negotiations, choosing a Peugeot engine instead, and Chrysler ended the project.

Two racing versions of the Diablo were built for the Diablo Supertrophy, a single-model racing series held annually from 1996 to 1999. In the first year, the model used in the series was the Diablo SVR, while the Diablo 6.0 GTR was used for the remaining three years.

Lamborghini developed the Murciélago R-GT as a production racing car to compete in the FIA GT Championship, the Super GT Championship and the American Le Mans Series in 2004. Their highest placing in any race that year was the opening round of the FIA GT Championship at Valencia, where the car entered by Reiter Engineering finished third from a fifth-place start.

In 2006 during the opening round of the Super GT championship at Suzuka, a car run by the Japan Lamborghini Owners Club garnered the first victory (in class) by an R-GT. A GT3 version of the Gallardo has been developed by Reiter Engineering.

A Murciélago R-GT entered by racing, driven by Christophe Bouchut and Stefan Mucke, won the opening round of the FIA GT Championship held at Zhuhai International Circuit, achieving the first major international race victory for Lamborghini.

New Lambhorgini models (a Slideshow):

U can view the full images in a new window also by just clicking on the slideshow and click on open photo in new window link……then in new window to download large image click on zoom(+) option on the top of the image

External links:

Official website:Lamborghini
Lambo cars ~~The enthusiast site
lamborghinifaqs.~~Designs n shows
Lambo registry~~ Everythng which u wanted to knoe about lamborghini
Audi~~official site

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~One Night @ the Call Center-The Movie’Hello’~

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One Night @ the Call Center or ON@CC is a novel written by Chetan Bhagat and first published in 2005. The novel revolves around a group of six call center employees working in Connexions call center in the Delhi suburb of Gurgaon in Haryana. It is filled with a lot of drama with unpleasant things happening to all of the leading characters. The story takes a dramatic and decisive turn when they get a phone call from God.

This is the second best-selling novel from the award winning author.

Plot Introduction

The story begins with a train journey from Kanpur to Delhi, During the journey, the author meets a very beautiful girl. The girl offers to tell the author a story on the condition that he has to make it into his second book. After a lot of hesitation, the author agrees.

Claimed to be based on a true story, the author chooses a person named Shyam Mehra (alias Sam Marcy) as the protagonist, who is one among the six call center employees featuring in the novel. The remaining are Esha Singh (Eliza Singer), Radhika Jha (Regina Jones), Varun “Vroom” Malhotra (Victor Mell), Priyanka and Military Uncle. All of them belong to the same team and their manager is a person named Subhash Bakshi, who is a very cunning and negative person.

Major Themes

One of the salient features of this novel is that all the characters featuring in this novel have a dramatic and disturbing event during the night when they receive a call from God.

Shyam’s woes

Shyam is very upset to learn that Priyanka is engaged to a person called Ganesh Gupta, who works at Microsoft in the US. To add to his woes, he is horrified to learn that Bakshi had cheated him, and Vroom, by submitting the Troubleshooting Website to the Boston centre as his own without crediting himself and Vroom.

Priyanka’s woes

Priyanka is first happy when she is engaged to Ganesh Gupta, who works for Microsoft. But is furious when she hears that her parents have planned her marriage the very next month; which she feels is too early. Both her mother and Ganesh press her to agree to this proposal. She is even more saddened by the fact that Shyam was eavesdropping on her conversation with Ganesh. When Vroom and Shyam show her that Ganesh had forged his pictures to hide his baldness, she disapproves Ganesh for having cheated her.

Esha’s woes

Esha had earlier done a compromise by sleeping with a designer to get a modeling contract. However the guy turned out to be opportunistic as he betrays her by telling that she can’t become a model due to her height. He also tries to console her by sending her some money. Esha feels terribly betrayed and tries to suppress the mental pain by inflicting herself with physical pain by purposefully cutting her skin.

Vroom’s woes

Vroom is shocked to learn that Bakshi has cheated him and Shyam by submitting their work as his own. To add to his miseries, he overhears Esha telling the other girls that she had slept with a designer to get a modeling contract.

Radhika’s woes

Radhika, who loved her husband very much, is shocked to learn about his dark side. When Vroom calls up her husband portraying as a radio jockey and asks him to dedicate roses and a song to someone special, he chooses his girlfriend over his wife. Radhika who listens this gets terribly upset as her husband has betrayed her.

Military Uncle’s woes

Military Uncle tries to be nice to his son and grandson. But when he sends some pictures via mail to his grandson; his son loses his cool and asks him to keep out of his life. This leaves Military Uncle heartbroken.

Film Adaption

Hello is the next movie of Atul Agnihotri as a director and producer and released in January, 2008. Hello has contained the story of Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘One Night at the Call Center’.

Bollywood star Salman Khan and sizzling Katrina Kaif have a special appearance in the film


Reel Life Productions.

Director: Atul Agnihotri.

Music Directors: Sajid-Wajid.

Author,Screenplay: Chetan Bhagat.

Choreographers: Bosco-Caesar.


Sharat Saxena as Retd. Maj. V. P. Chauhan (Military Uncle)
Night Job: Call Center Agent
Day Job: Thinking about his grandson

Sohail Khan as Varun Malhotra (Vroom)
Night Job: Call Center Agent
Day Job: Sleeping, Rebelling, Spending time with bikes, and girls

Amrita Arora as Radhika Jha
Night Job: Call Center Agent
Day Job: Mother-in-law management

Gul Panag as Priyanka Kapoor
Night Job: Call Center Agent
Day Job: Managing her mother

Sharman Joshi as Shyam Mehra
Night Job: Call Center Agent
Day Job: Avoid being walked over

Isha Koppikar as Esha Singh
Night Job: Call Center Agent
Day job: Get that modeling break

Dilip Tahil as Subhash Bakshi
Night Job: Call Center Head
Day Job: Waiting for the call transferring him to Boston

Suresh Menon as Hanapam Swamy (System’s Guy)
Night Job: System Engineer
Day Job: Upgrading skills, getting certifications, coding on Java

See Slideshow of Movie stills
(Click on the image to show a large image in a new window and
also to control the show):

Cliclk here for Official Website

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